Applied Nutriceuticals Innovation Series System 24 90caps

Applied Nutriceuticals
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SYSTEM24 is devised from the latest research on lypolisis (fat loss) that works 24hrs/day. SYSTEM24 attacks fat loss from every angle to provide the most complete 24 hour fat burning system on the market! ELEVATE METABOLISM: By sparing lean mass(muscle) your body will burn more fat throughout the day. REDUCE CRAVINGS: System24 accomplishes this by increasing leptin and decreasing neuropeptide-y, which helps to regulate/decrease hunger. BOOST ENERGY: Our unique daytime energy blend provides a clean, powerful energy feeling so you can accomplish your workouts and daily routines without crashing! BURN FAT By using βAR-2 antagonist, fat can be targeted, broken down and used for fuel. PROMOTE REST After a hard day of work, the night-time formula will allow you to relax and get a solid night's sleep so you can rejuvenate your body and mind! SEE PRODUCT #4120040 FOR MORE DETAILS

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