PEScience Alphamine (60 Servings)

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Alphamine is the legendary powdered thermogenic, powered by multiple forms of caffeine, choline, and carnitine. Use Alphamine like an energy drink, or combine it with High Volume on your workout days. At 60 servings per bottle you won't find a better value, or a more delicious taste.


Each serving of Alphamine contains 2 forms of caffeine to deliver a quick hitting, long lasting, smooth energizing feel. As a powdered product you can customize the amount of energy you want, when you want. Sip on Alphamine all day or kick it back fast, and enjoy the delicious flavors.


We used our research to bring you the combination of caffeine, choline, and L-carnitine all in one product, the triple threat that research shows beats out taking L-carnitine alone. This makes Alphamine much more than an energy drink -- instead a drink focused on thermogenesis.


We add in theanine and ornithine to allow Alphamine to deliver the smooth energy, with both of these ingredients showing in research to smooth out the effects of caffeine, increasing the overall experience.

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