TwinLab Blood Pressure Success 60caps

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Helps support cardiovascular health with clinically tested ingredients. About MegaNatural BP: naturally occurring in fruits, vegetables, and red wine, polyphenols are a class of phytonutrients that have been scientifically demonstrated to support cardiovascular health. Grape Seeds are one of the most abundant sources of polyphenols found in nature. MegaNatrual BP is a patented grape seed extract made from a special blend of red and white vitis vinifera grapes and: is structurally unique, providing 90% total polyphenols- the biologically active constituents, with clinically tested benefits, is manufactured exclusively from grapes grown in the United States, Uses a hot-water-based extraction process without any chemicals or solvents in the final ingredient, clinically tested ingredients- Human clinical research supports the cardiovascular benefits from MegaNatural BP, while other grape seed extracts may not have the same polyphenol composition.

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