TwinLab Men's Ultra Daily 120caps

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Dietary Supplement. Advanced multi-vitamin & mineral supplement. 100% or More of 18 essential nutrients. Promotes energy & stamina. Clinically Proven to: promote prostate health, support health & wellness. An advanced multi-vitamin & mineral made specifically for men. Twinlab maker of Daily One caps, now presents: Men's Ultra Daily-Includes a superior vitamin/mineral foundation as well as proprietary blends that no other multi-vitamin has. Prostate Health Blend-With clinically proven ingredients such as Nettle, Pygeum and Selenium to support a healthy prostate, along with other ingredients such as Lycopene and Saw Palmetto. Energy and Stamina Blend-A proprietary blend of ingredients that offers men the energy and stamina needed to power through everyday activities of life.

Categories: Multivitamins, Twinlab

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