American Metabolix Lean Muscle (90 Capsules)

American Metabolix
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If you’re looking to add quality lean muscle mass and size while staying lean, the
task at hand can be pretty difficult. It’s a lot of food and it’s a lot of time and
dedication in the gym, and even with that in order, it can be a long process. That is
why American Metabolix has developed Lean Muscle, a potent natural lean mass
and growth amplifier that not only helps you gain muscle, but stay lean as possible
in the process. You see, Lean Muscle features Laxogenin which helps increase
protein synthesis as well as GBB for increasing metabolism for staying lean and also
features Berberine for maximizing insulin sensitivity, meaning the carbs you eat are
more likely to be shuttled into the lean muscle of the body vs stored as fat. A potent
and novel synergy, Lean Muscle is the choice for those looking to add lean mass
naturally with a powerful boost.
  • 225mg Laxogenin for Natural Anabolism
  • 90mg of Gamma Butyrobetain for Enhanced Thermogenic Activity
  • 500mg of Berberine for Enhanced Glucose Uptake & Sensitivity


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