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Noxivol is designed to promote lean muscle growth, strength and endurance while improving joint, ligament, muscle and cartilage recovery. Noxivol saturates your existing fast twitch muscle fibers with Carnosine, delaying metabolic acidosis (the biological process behind muscle fatigue) which allows you to train at much higher intensity levels and for a much longer duration. Noxivol will stimulate anabolic activity and produce increased muscle growth all while promoting an ideal environment for ligament, tendon, bone tissue and joint support. Noxivol contains Arginine AKG which is composed of an arginine molecule that is more easily absorbed and more resistant to chemical breakdown in the body. It is an arginine derivative, so the performance enhancing effects will be similar to those of other regular arginine products, but several times stronger. This product works well with CTD Labs BCAA 3750 and CTD Labs Kre-Alkalyn.

Each serving of 4 Noxivol tablets contains: Noxivol Blend 6250mg
[L-Arginine (AKG) Alpha Keto-Glutarate, Beta Alanine, L-Ornithine Ethyl Ester DiHCl, Cissus Quadrangularis, L-Histidine, L-Norvaline]

Nitric Support Matrix 130mg [Alpha-GPC (L-Alpha Glycerylphosphoryl choline), Rutaecarpine, Vanadyl Sulfate, Bioperine®]

Other Noxivol Ingredients: stearic acid, cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, silica & dicalcium phosphate

Noxivol Directions for Use: As a dietary supplement, take one serving twice daily. To achieve maximum results use Noxivol daily for a minimum of 30-90 days.

Training Days: Take 4 tablets 30-60 minutes prior to exercise. Space both servings 6-8 hours apart.
Non-Training Days: Take two servings daily, once in the morning and once in the late afternoon or evening.

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    great product

    Great product! I can only say it helps my workout by 200% as opposed to not taking it. I’ve tried other NO boosters but they don’t even compare to the formula found in Noxavol. Once you take it on a regular basis you get over the tingle sensation. I get so vascular while working out that I can get explosive workouts without wearing myself out. Thanks CTD.

    C. Jones

      my favorite

      I have tried several different kinds of NO products and this is by far my favorite. Pumps are spectacular. Definitely continue using this for a long time. It didn’t get 5 stars just because the dang pills are so big and you cant swallow all four at once, or at least I couldn’t.


        very good

        Very good supplement. Works great when stacked with ephedra/caffiene. Makes me want to work out for hours. Gives you a slight tingling or flushing in the face and seemingly endless energy with no crash.

        Big Mike

          gets you jacked

          You wanna get jacked? Then its time to take noxivol. This product brought me great strenght and mass gains, while keeping me lean and vascualar. My libido went through the roof. This stuff is off the chain makes nitrix and the all the other crap on the market look obsolete.

          Kevin M


            This product is awesome! I stacked this with noxi pro and protein during wrestling season and I was Jacked and got alot stronger on this stuff and had alot more energy later in the day for my 2nd and 3rd workouts. Great bargain Id recommend this product with noxi pro way better than all the other products out there today!

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