Nutrabio Amino Kick 30 Servings

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Nutrabio just released their newest and very promising energy infused amino acid product Amino Kick. Amino Kick boasts a powerful amino acid formula combining 2.5 grams of BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) and 3.25 grams of EAAs (Essential Amino Acids), along with a potent hydration complex comprised of 294mg of Himalayan Sea Salt, 250mg of CocoPure (Coconut Powder Water), 227mg of Potassium Phosphate, and 103mg of Magnesium Oxide. This blend will aid in muscular recovery, help decrease muscle soreness, increase muscular endurance, delay muscle fatigue, boost hydration, and improve athletic performance.
Nutrabio has topped off Amino Kick with a 160mg blend of green coffee and green tea to increase mental alertness, boost energy levels with a clean, smooth, and sustaining energy source, and increase cognitive abilities such as focus and concentration so you can tackle your work day and boost productivity. This blend of stimulants makes Amino Kick the perfect way to kick off your day as a coffee replacement, an ideal go to for a midday pick-me-up, or even a low-stimulant pre-workout perfect for those who are sensitive to stimulants, workout later in the evening and don't want to be kept awake from high amounts of stimulants, or need a boost for morning cardio.

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